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What's New?

Hey, thanks for stopping by my newly designed website. Feel free to poke around, click on links to music, comics, writing and even the goodies I have for sale. I'll be adding even more stuff over the coming weeks and months so check back often.

Recently, I started creating hand drawn/painted boxes and filling them frogs and turtles. Hop on over to the Frog-in-a-box website, order a box of frogs or one of my equally fantastic Turtle Totes. You can also sign up for the Tadpole Times newsletter.


The life of the starving artist is hard, that's why I offer a variety of swag in my Zazzle store to allow you to support the (my) arts while looking fantastically awesome.


Check out more stuff.

Reglar Wiglar Magazine

RoosterCow Records

Portrait of the Artist as a (Very) Young Man

Cavemen 4 Trump

Parasite Life


Forgotten American Music Masters

Dungeons and Dragons


Check out my page for comics, like Cassetty the Cassette Pet and The Woodrows as well as miscellaneous art projects.


I've been in a few bands over the years, you can find audio files and more links here.


Zines, fiction, short stories, articles and miscellaneous writing... maybe even a little poetry. Find it all here.


Me, circa 1993.

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