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Reglar Wiglar zine issue #22 Reglar Wiglar #22

by Chris Auman


"I will probably be working to the grave and will probably be asked to dig out a few shovelfuls of dirt since I'm going down there anyway."

Category: zine

Genres: music, comics, humor, parody, satire


Auman begins his musings on every job he's ever had in Part 1 of "The Book of Jobs" plus "The History of Music," "Forgotten American Music Masters," a pre-POTUS "Donald Trump Versus Metallica," comics, and more!


5.5 x 8.5 in


b&w glossy cover, b&w throughout, stapled


"Back in its heyday this zine was known for its playful satire. As Chris mentions in a note that accompanied the zine, Reglar Wiglar was “a parody and satire, and my reaction to the ‘alternative’ music frenzy occupying much of mainstream music press at the time”. I really enjoyed the first twenty pages that detail myriad jobs Chris had in his teenage and college years. There’s the paper route, lifeguarding, working at a pharmacy, working at a restaurant and a bunch more. Auman’s humor is crisp and understated. The second half of the issue is filled with short satirical bits and comics, most notably, Donald Trump reviewing an old Metallica album." —Zine Nation

"Chris moved to Madison and went digital with his zine, but this new issue is the first print one in almost ten years. It is hilarious of course, and I think you'll agree: blowing his allowance on Space Invaders, analyzing which numbers are awesome, hungover poetry, why you should appreciate Flock of Seagulls, Donald Trump vs Metallica and more."—Liz Mason, Quimby's

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