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Reglar Wiglar zine issue #22 Reglar Wiglar #23

by Chris Auman

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"1988. It was the summer of Hair Metal. The summer of “Nuthin’ But A Good Time” and “Every Rose Has Its Thorns.” “Sweet Child of Mine” was blasting out of the open windows of every Camaro and Trans Am in town. Every time I hear “Pour Some Sugar on Me” I want to vomit and every time I hear “Kiss Me Deadly,” I want to cry (it ain’t no big thing)."

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Category: zine

Genres: music, comics, humor, parody, satire


Includes "The Book of Jobs Part 2," more "Forgotten American Music Masters," "Hungover Poetry," a a pre-POTUS Donald Trump reviews Justin Beiber & much, much more! Comics too!


5.5 x 8.5 in


b&w glossy cover, b&w throughout, stapled


"Reglar Wiglar began publishing in 1993, and after a long hiatus, this is the second recent issue. Like the previous issue, this one is broken up into two main sections. The first chronicles many of the jobs the zine maker has had, as a dishwasher, a law clerk, a telemarketer, and plenty of other hospitality jobs. The second half of the zine has some satirical and humour bits and comics, like Donald Trump reviewing Justin Bieber, a spoof job posting, and “hungover poetry.” Personally, the more straightforward and earnest writing in the first half resonated with me more than the comedy writing in the second half."—Zine Nation

"We all LOVE reading about other people and their jobs—the shittier the better. This kind of material is one of the greatest things about zines. Exhibit A being Dishwasher Pete and his legendary zine Dishwasher. Here Chris also writes about working as a dishwasher, as well as telemarketer, short order cook, and cinema ticket-ripper. Some of the funniest parts are anecdotes about co-workers, like the one guy who told Chris that he was so happy when he finished the workday that he ran home.—Blackguard Journal

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