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The Means EP

The Means

Gimme the Creeps, Steve

RC002 EP 7" [2002]

Columbus may not have discovered America, but you can be one of the first to discover Columbus, OH's The Means and their four-song seven inch EP. Recorded by Kris Poulin at Acme Studios in Chicago and released by RoosterCow in 2002, this seven inch platter sounds and looks great! Includes a 12-panel fold-out poster by The Mean's Jason Fredrick

Just a handful of these left. If you're interested in buying one of the remaining copies, get in touch.

Track Listing

Side A:
1. Gimme the Creeps, Steve
2. Annex (2)

Side B:
1. Fitzpatrick
2. Dear Daughter

Liner Notes

"Dear Daughter" has The Means flexing their creative muscle and slowing down the tempo a bit. With the unlikely addition of washboard and piano, "Dear Daughter" takes on the weight of a slow, swinging hammer, the bounce of a wrecking ball, and the mood of a murder ballad. It creates the feeling that something is swimming just beneath the surface. We're impressed by the notion of some vague threat of confrontation and intrigued by the veiled attempt to conceal it. The lyrics, taken by themselves, if seen written on a piece of paper, would suggest nothing more than a stern warning from a father to his daughter. But what rule has been broken by her? What crime may have been committed here? Was it a minor infraction: a broken curfew, a sharp tongue, or a dishonest act that broke the father's trust in her? Was it a more unforgivable sin? Whose face does the father not want to see anymore? Whatever psychology is at work here, whatever black story has already played itself out, or whatever family secret is being kept, the listener is in the dark. We can only guess... and hope for the worst—Chris Auman, 2002

Means EP unfolded with record

Means EP cover unfolded


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