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RNCD Decibators split single

Reagan National Crash Diet/Decibators

"White Man" b/w "Burning Under the Sun"

RC003 split 7" [2002]

Decibators and Reagan National Crash Diet fans went out of their heads in 2002 with the release of this seven inch split between these two great Chicago bands (now defunct). Well funct that, 'cause RoosterCow still has a half dozen or so of these suckers in storage. Act now! The RNCD side features cover art by Mike Dixon!

decibators split 7 inch cover

Track Listing

Side A:
Burning Under the Sun

Side AA:
White Man


Reagan National Crash Diet



decibators band photo
Decibators (L-R: Todd, Kevin, Eric, Theo, Fritz)

Reagan National Crash Diet promo photo
RNCD (clockwise from top left): Chris, Jen, Steve, Carol


Reagan National Crash Diet bang out a real dinger and throw a hot recording over it all with a thick layer of scuzz for a really impressive track. Tight, rough, and those infectious male/female vocals hook me every time. I'm really let down that there's only one song! Decibators are a little more on the Mistreaters tip, and have a solid rocknroll mash to 'em. Throaty, balls-out and threatening.

Two Chicago Bands, one down-and-dirty rock 'n' roll taste. Reagan National Crash Diet plays the kind of music I'd listen to while chugging Pabst (if I drank beer). As for the Decibators, they're raw and strong straightforward rock. Neither is pretty or groundbreaking, but it's a fun listen.


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