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Soft Targets Mediums split

Soft Targets/The Mediums

"Zombie Holiday" b/w "Out of My Mind"

RC015 split 7" [2011]

Old friends, The Mediums, agreed to go in on a split seven inch with Soft Targets which featured colored vinyl and hand-inked covers. Mike Dixon made the Softy side of the cover. Adam Scott made the Medium's side. There are many variations, so buy a few copies!

Track Listing:

Side A:

The Mediums — Out of My Mind

Side B:

Soft Targets — Zombie Holiday

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Soft Targets website:

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The Mediums side:

Soft Targets Mediums split

Adam's alternate cover:

Adam Scott alternate Mediums cover

Mike Dixon alternate cover:

Mike Dixon soft targets alternate cover

Mike Dixon sketches:

Mike Dixon sketches

Mike Dixon sketches


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