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Team Satan

A Little More Down

RC016 Digital LP [2013]

On Memorial Day 1998, Team Satan recorded their one and only full-length record at the Lab East Recording Scenario in Humbolt Park, Chicago with audio engineer Kris Poulin. Unfortunately, the Team disintegrated rapidly after its recording and the album was never officially released (although all thirteen tracks appear on the Team Satan 1996-1998 CD-R). Fear not Devil Rockers & Bootknockers, for in the year of our Lord 2013, the full version of this historic album was made available as a download from the Team Satan Bandcamp site.

Track Listing:

Lucifer I
Yeah, We're Team Satan
We're Not Those Kids
Team Satan Lies
Sister Satan
Lucifer II
Death & Destruction
(You're So) Apocalyptic
Mama Said (Not to Listen to Devil Rock)
Hey Devil Rocker
Lucifer III

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Team Satan website:

Team Satan


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