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Used Records & Tapes #1

Mike Dixon and Chris Auman put their heads together to create the most amazing review zine ever! Where most music publications consider the work of emerging talent, they went the other direction in a zine they're calling Used Records & Tapes. 40 pages with full-color, glossy cover.

$7 + S&H

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Snakes #1

Sly & Steven star in their very own comic! Enjoy the absurd conversations and observations of this reptilian duo.

$3 + S&H


Snakes #2

The saga continues! Perhaps saga is the wrong word. The conversation returns with your slithery snake pals!

$3 + S&H



"Getting it all wrong since 1993"


Reglar Wiglar #25 cover

The 25th Anniversary of the Reglar Wiglar includes an excerpt from almost every issues of the print zine published from 1993 to 2005. Includes comics!

$6 + S&H


The final installment of the Jobs Trilogy. How does it end? Read it and find out. Also The History of Music, Forgotten American Music Masters, comics and more.

$5 + S&H


Includes The Book of Jobs Part 2, more Forgotten American Music Masters, Hungover Poetry, & much, much more! Comics too!

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Part 1 of The Book of Jobs plus The History of Music, Forgotten American Music Masters, & Donald Trump Versus Metallica. Comics, of course!

$5 + S&H

Gray Flag #1

Somewhere between anarchy and surrender, the gray flag waves.

$4.50 + S&H



Experience the thrill of the hunt and the torment a young man feels while making his first kill in this short thriller.

$4.50 + S&H


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