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Empire Smalls
Send Us Fools vinyl LP

Empire Smalls - Send Us Fools

Empire Smalls deliver their debut full-length album: ten songs of love, hate, fate, and foolish behavior.

Stream or download the Empire Smalls LP 

Also available from these Chicago area record stores: Reckless (Lakeview), Reckless (Wicker Park), Laurie's Planet of Sound (Lincoln Square), Tone Deaf (Portage Park), and SqueezeBox (Evanston)

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Used Records & Tapes #2

Used Records & Tapes #2

The second issue of this illustrated review zine is now available direct from RoosterCow Press. This issue features contributions from Liz Mason (Caboose zine), Billy McCall (Proof I Exist zine), Jim Fath (@boringdadmusic), David Gill (writer/teacher), Mike Dixon (@icecoldsox) and Chris Auman.

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