3 song cassette (RoosterCow) 1995

1) The Devil is Pleased
2) Johnny
3) Don't Fear the Devil

Chris Auman: bass, vocals
Mike Wing: drums, vocals

This completely ridiculous piece of music was recorded at the first meeting of Team Satan. It was played sloppily and the recording is absolutely horrific, however, the songs aren't very good either. The cassette cover, of course, is brilliant and was drawn in ballpoint by Mike Wing.

"DEVIL MADE US DO IT" b/w "1996"
7" (OFF-White) 1997

Chris Auman: guitar, vocals
Mike Wing: drums, vocals
Lori Kolb: bass
Todd Uzel: guitar

The Team's vinyl debut on OFF-White Records. The jacket is all black because the original line-drawing was maybe a little too detailed for the silk-screening process and consequently, it looked like shit. Each cover was painted over with India ink although some of the originals still remain in various basements and storage rooms. Years after the release of this seven inch, Mike Dixon created the alternate cover (seen below) which inaccurately lists the record label as RoosterCow, further fanning the flames in the RoosterCow/OFF-White Record Wars.


The cover art is pretty awesome, the music heavy, but the vocals ruin it for me. Two songs, wow!!

Damn, Satan has a team and I wasn't asked to play. What does a bastard have to do? Well, apparently, get drunk and skronk your nuts—or rather gonads—off into a boom box. The First Principle of The Conservation of Lyrics is also fully in effect on these two droning, bluesy rockers.

Team Satan's wicked, distorted sludge-rock on "Devil Made Us Do It" b/w "1996" churns back geysers of muddy riffage like a monster truck, sinking in quicksand with the pedal-to-the-metal in a desperate attempt to escape from going under...

This is GAUNTish and that's a good thing. Plus, they're funny.

I think this is kinda boring. I think that if I was at a show with this band, it would make me want to go outside. I would be really annoyed if this were the opening band for a band that I wanted to see. "The devil made us do it?" I'm very indifferent to this. This sounds like something that would have been around alot five to seven years ago.
RATING: Like, four. No, three. Four, three, something like that.

The controversial Mike Dixon cover

6 song cassette (RoosterCow) 1997

Side One:
1) Yeah, We're Team Satan
2) We're Not Those Kids
3) (C'mon Baby) Let's Sin

Side Two:
1) Death & Destruction
2) Mama Said (Not to Listen to Devil Rock)
3) Muy Malo Chunga (Very Bad Monkey)

Chris Auman: guitar, vocals
Mike Wing: drums, vocals
Lori Kolb: bass
Todd Uzel: guitar

Junior Wing is a monkey, of course. A very bad monkey to be exact. The Junior Wing monkey is the mysterious creature who, after everyone has gone to sleep or passed out, opens a fresh beer, drinks half of its contents, then leaves the remainder on the table to be emptied by some chump the next morning. The cover for this cassette release was a xeroxed copy which was then filled in with a Sharpie. There might have been some Wite-Out involved too. Each cassette was dubbed separately on the old home stereo. Very lo-fi. Very lo-budget. Very Team Satan.


Judging from their Jr. Wing EP, Team Satan is on a mission to bring back the mosh pit—and success is only a few gigs away. They've got a great name and an old-fashioned punk rock sound—minimalist yet kinetic chord progressions, rapid fire vocals and profanity buried underneath incredibly low production values. The formula works, and is sorely missed on the EP's third track, which flirts with a more accessible sound, less volatile identity. Don't expect any details about the songs though—not even the titles are included.

Compelling lyrics, griping guitar work, competent drumming, pounding bass makes this the best record of all know, the Devil made me write that...

This is the kind of weird thing to review... because it says it was "recorded in the basement of the OFF-White House sometime in the summer of 1997." The weird part about that is that I saw Team Satan play a live show in the basement of a house which may have been off-white in the summer of 1997. I don't recall the house's color. However, this recording doesn't sound like a live show. (no crowd sounds) so I don't think it was the same night. This four piece punk band has the chops and the fun. I'd like to see them perform again. This cassette shows that their songs are tasty, but I can't recommend anyone buy this. Unfortunately, the sound quality of this cassette is very poor. I hope they put something out with better producution values because they are good.

TEAM SATAN 1996-1998
CD-R (RoosterCow) 1999

01) Yeah, We're Team Satan*
02) We're Not Those Kids*
03) (C'mon Baby) Let's Sin*
04) Death & Destruction*
05) Muy Malo Chunga (Very Bad Monkey)*
06) Mama Said (Not to Listen to Devil Rock)*
07) S.A.T.A.N.*
08) Entropy*
09) That Man Was Crazy*
10) Devil Rockers/Boot Knockers*
11) Fire*
12) Lucifer I**
13) Yeah, We're Team Satan**
14) We're Not Those Kids**
15) Team Satan Lies**
16) Sister Satan**
17) Lucifer II**
18) S.A.T.A.N.**
19) Death & Destruction**
20) (You're So) Apocalyptic**
21) Henchmen**
22) Mama Said (Not to Listen to Devil Rock)**
23) Hey Devil Rocker**
24) Lucifer III**
25) John Peters (Live)*

*Chris Auman: guitar, vocals
Mike Wing: drums, vocals
Lori Kolb: bass
Todd Uzel: guitar

**Chris Auman: guitar, vocals
Mike Wing: drums, vocals
Lori Kolb: bass
John Peters: guitar, vocals

Just a big old mess of everything. The first eleven songs were recorded to 8-track in the basement of the OFF-White house. It's basically the Junior Wing EP plus "S.A.T.A.N." and then four real old songs that predate the cassette. The second part was recorded at Lab East: Kris Poulin's first recording job in Chicago. It's a shame this batch of songs never got an official release. Maybe someday... are you listening Dick Cockman? The last track is a live version of the song "John Peters", an ode to the unflappable Sneaky Petes who would later join the band, which is when we would have to stop playing it, as the song really irritated him for some reason.


Team Satan bears many similarities to the early Misfits on this lo-fi collection of 25 short songs about evil. But unlike the punk-metal legends, it's hard to tell whether it's simply a parody. "Sista' Satan" has a beach party guitar riff a la the Thrill Kill Kult, and a female vocalist offering a pretty catchy chorus every parent dreads hearing from their daughter, "Satan has a sister and she looks just like me." This group needs to elevate quality over quantity.—M.D.

Hella good!

CD-R (RoosterCow) 1999

1) Devil Rockers/Boot Knockers
2) Yeah, We're Team Satan
3) We're Not Those Kids
4) The Devil Rock Stomp
5) S.A.T.A.N.
6) Mama Said (Not to Listen to Devil Rock)
7) Devil Made Us Do It
8) 1999
9) Death & Destruction

Chris Auman: guitar, vocals
Mike Wing: drums, vocals
Lori Kolb: bass
Todd Uzel: guitar

No one in Team Satan knew this recording existed for years, but it did and it does. Recorded on some sort of hand-held device by a member of the band Fakir, this was the last live show of the re-assembled Team and features a song (track 4) that no one seems to remember writing or playing. It's been dubbed "The Devil Rock Stomp" for lack of a better title. The cover, provided by the Fabulous Fakir Boyz (as I like to call them) is not, in fact, Team Satan, but Booker Noe. Booker Noe did feature two TS members (the powerful Wing-Kolb combo).

0 TO 60 IN 73 BANDS
Comp. CD (No!No!) 2000

"(You're So) Apocalyptic"

Chris Auman: guitar, vocals
Mike Wing: drums, vocals
Lori Kolb: bass, vocals
John Peters: guitar, vocals

Don't remember how this came about. Anyway, the Team posthumously contributed this song to a comp. which featured songs under one minute. Several seconds had to be clipped off the intro to "(You're So) Apocalyptic" to make it qualify, but it's an improvement overall.


L-R: Auman, Wing, Kolb, Uzel during happier times

Wing entered this photo in a contest for your team to be featured on a Cheerio's box. We also wanted to get a Subway sandwich named after us. Both of these smart business moves failed but we did manage to get the Beat Kitchen to sell a drink called 'The Team Satan' for one night. It was a shot of whisky with a maraschino cherry in it.


Digital LP
(RoosterCow) 2013

Team Satan - A Little More Down

On Memorial Day 1998, Team Satan, recorded their one and only full-length record at the Lab East Recording Scenario in Humbolt Park, Chicago with audio engineer Kris Poulin. Unfortunately, the Team disintegrated rapidly after its recording and the album was never officially released (although all thirteen tracks appear on the Team Satan 1996-1998 CD-R).

Fear not Devil Rockers & Bootknockers, for in the year of our Lord 2013, the full version of this historic recording became available as a download from the Team Satan Bandcamp site.

The album contains the hit tracks:

1) Lucifer I
2) Yeah, We're Team Satan
3) We're Not Those Kids
4) Team Satan Lies
5) Sister Satan
6) Lucifer II
7) S.A.T.A.N.
8) Death & Destruction
9) (You're So) Apocalyptic
10) Henchmen
11) Mama Said (Not to Listen to Devil Rock)
12) Hey Devil Rocker
13) Lucifer III


Chris Auman: guitar, vocals
Mike Wing: drums, vocals
Lori Kolb: bass, vocals
John Peters: guitar, vocals  


by Chris Auman, Devil Rocker

WARNING: Contains Myspace links!

Well, here's the history then. It's true Team Satan did form during the 1995 Heat Wave in Chicago which claimed about six hundred lives in the city. It is also true that Team Satan formed as a duo in the basement of the OFF-White House one hung-over July 4th morning.

The original meeting was little more than a drunken exercise in futility with me bashing out bass-lines and Wing trying to follow these non-linear transgressions with drum beats. I had never played the bass before and Wing was a guitarist, not a drummer, but that was really the point. At least in the beginning. Anyway, it wouldn't be long before I switched to guitar: an instrument I was hardly proficient at. In February of '96, recent Virginia transplant T-Bux (aka Todd Uzel) begged and pleaded his way into the Devil Rock unit.

Wing and I worked with T. Bux slinging veggie hash at this place called the Chicago Diner in Boy's Town. T. Bux, a drummer by trade, insisted on being added as second guitarist. His persistence wore us down one night at the Empty Bottle (I believe it was OFF-White Record honcho, Perry Finch's birthday) and Bux was allowed into the group. We played two shows with this two guitar-and-drums line-up. Lori Kolb was the next to sign on, also joining the team in '96.

Lori was employed as a server at the Diner. We had let it be known that the next person to show up at one of the band's rehearsals, with a bass guitar in hand would be the new Team Satan bass player. The challenge was accepted by Lori Kolb.

Kolb, like Uzel, was recently arrived from Virginia and was the perfect addition, adding the low-end to what could be a very trebly sound.

Team Satan practiced every Tuesday at noon, usually after partaking of Wing's piping hot "Monkey Bread" and a pot or two of coffee, and (at least in the early years) a little pot as well. It is in the basement of the OFF-White House that the band would practice, record and play live shows. The group's only seven inch, "Devil Made Us Do It" b/w "1996" was recorded here.

With no production values and muddy sound quality, this first release was hardly a milestone in recorded music, but over the next year we wrote more songs and played more shows, usually at the divey Mexican restaurant slash bar, Big Horse.

One problem faced by Team Satan was that, although we were always ready to mobilize for a gig, we lacked the proper transportation, which was any transportation whatsoever. OFF-White Records owner Perry Finch was recruited to drive us to early gigs in his van, but was not amused by the Team's drunken post-show antics. Mark Morton (who would later achieve much success in the metal band Lamb of God) was also imposed upon to provide the use of his van. Eventually, we had to rent vans for shows ensuring that we would lose money every time we played out.

The songs for the Team Satan cassette Junior Wing EP were recorded around this time. The sound quality remains abysmal and the graphics rudimentary at best—I think they call it DIY.

Sometime in 1997, Lori Kolb left the band and moved back to Richmond, Virginia. Fellow Virginian, John Peters (formerly of the RVA's great Hose Got Cable) stepped in on bass. (Petes had also worked at the Diner for a spell, but was working as an auto mechanic when he joined.) No sooner had Kolb decided to move back to Chicago, than Uzel decided to move back to Richmond. He had become frustrated with Team Satan's lack of touring ambition—no vehicle and no money was a huge impediment. Kolb returned to the Team on bass with Sneaky Johnny Peters moving to guitar.

With John Peters in the group and Lori back in, we instantly got tighter and more focused and continued to practice and play out, moving on from the Big Horse to venues like the Empty Bottle, Beat Kitchen and Lounge Ax. On Memorial Day 1998, Team Satan recorded their first full-length at the Lab East Recording Scenario in Humbolt Park, Chicago. This would be engineer, Kris Poulin's first recording project in his new basement studio. Unfortunately the album, tentatively titled A Little More Down was never officially released, although all thirteen tracks appear on the Team Satan 1996-1998 CD-R.

With a full-length CD in the can, an appearance on local cable access show Chic-A-Go-Go and an Empty Bottle show booked, John Peters sold his amp and left town in the middle of the night, two days before he was supposed to move into the three bedroom apartment I occupied in Uptown. We did Chic-A-Go-Go as a three piece (it's lip-synching anyway) and played the Bottle show with T. Bux who was trying to keep the band going. The rest of us were all kind of over it. We played one last show with Bux at Lounge Ax and threw in the towel. A Little More Down never came out... until (see above).


After the Team Satan fire burned out, Wing and Kolb got married and formed the surf/western trio Booker Noe with drummer Jake Huppert. A move to Fort Collins, CO soon followed where the band continued with a new drummer until morphing into the Southern-fried, good-time, rock & roll band, Leghorn. The Wing-Kolbs have two sons, Joe and Jake. After the Leghorn stint, Mike Wing continued the rock tradition in Harvey Knuckles, which later became Dinero. Lori currently skates as LuLu Ferrigno in a new roller derby league in Ft. C.

In 1999, Todd Uzel and myself tried to start a new band called Hitlicker with JenCharles (bass) and Steve Kiraly (drums) but the project never propelled itself out of the basement of the OFF-White House (now called the Winthrop House or Club Winthrop since OFF-White Records had vacated). In 2000, T. Bux formed The Winthrops with Mike Dixon, Theo Hild and Corey Stateler. After that short-lived project, he formed the hard rock band, Decibators. Decibators toured and gigged around Chicago for five years recording several self-released EPs and a split single with Reagan National Crash Diet. After the break-up of the Decibators, Uzel joined Imperial Battlesnake for a short time, before moving to London in 2007.

Also in 2000, JenCharles, Steve Kiraly and myself, along with Carol Bales, formed Reagan National Crash Diet. Over the next four years RNCD would release two CDs and some 7" singles on RoosterCow Records. We played throughout the Chicago area and the Midwest.

After the eventual demise of RNCD, I formed Soft Targets in 2004. Soft Targets released four full-length LPs, and a whole bunch of EPs and singles which you should buy multiple copies of. I also recorded some stuff with Mr. Poulin in 2014 and 2015 as Empire Smalls, which you should also check out.

John Peters resurfaced in Richmond as the bass player for Alabama Thunder Pussy, but is no longer involved with them as far as I know.

(as miss-remembered by Chris Auman)


This was the debut of the Team back when we were only a three piece. We opened for the New Rob Robbies. The line-up was Todd "T-Bux" Uzel and myself on guitars and Wing on drums with Wing and myself handling the vocal duties.

What a mess. I remember the stage vibrating so much my vodka and soda tipped over during a song. I managed to get enough of those in me by the end of the night to make up for it. T-Bux was spitting beer on me onstage. Very disrespectful but not surprising. I think the immortal Mike Dixon was there. First time I ever laid eyes on him. I thought he was the guy who used to work at Wax Trax but I was wrong. People said we were great. We probably sucked. The Robbies needed to borrow Wing's PA, so putting Team Satan on the bill was brokered into the deal by Wing. Yeah, you can blame it all on The Robbies but they aren't together anymore. I know where to find most of them though.

This show was with Bee Knees. Remember Bedrocks? Another club that Team Satan played that was literally demolished soon after. It was mostly a metal joint. It was pretty nondescript on the exterior but the interior music room was painted in some sort of fake stone. I think they were going for a castle motif. This show was kind of like a battle of the bands. I had to take a cab to the show straight from the Chicago Diner where all three of us in the band worked as cooks. Another show done as a three piece. Don't remember much of the performance except that people said we were great but we probably sucked. We had to borrow equipment which would become a theme with us for awhile. The barflies refused to turn around once during our entire set to watch. Yeah, I'm pretty sure we were awful... awfully brilliant!

"Thunder and Lightning Festival" with Jarvis Brown and Smitten. Not really sure why this was called "The Thunder and Lightning Festival" but it was. I think Mike Dixon had something to do with that. He made the flyers for it. Dixon was in Smitten at the time. Jarvis Brown featured Fergus Kaiser (who would later play with Lying in States) and Mark Morton (currently in Lamb of God). T. Bux was in that band too. And Tripp Hill.

Wing wanted to serve food at this thing so we set up a table and laid out some lame spread. I know there were deviled eggs involved, which is never a good idea.

Tripp from Jarvis Brown was drumming like such an absolute madman that he fell backwards off his drum stool during one song and before he could start another one, he grabbed an empty bowl from the buffet table and was seriously contemplating vomiting into it. He didn't. I thought they were fucking great.

I think this is the first show where Wing lit up a joint and passed it around to us before we started our set. That could have got us killed I think. The bar owner looked like he was capable of it. This was probably our first show with Lori Kolb on bass. Finally a four piece. We needed that extra piece of the puzzle, believe me. The deal was that the next person to walk through the door of our OFF-White practice space with a bass guitar would be our new bass player. That'd be Miss Kolb, bless her heart.

This show was in the basement of the house Fergus and T-Bux lived in off Kimball Avenue, way, way the fuck west of where everyone else lived. I think some Virginians were in town and Bux and Mark Morton re-formed their old band Fatty Love to play that night. We opened. I know Wing passed the joint around again and I was instantly too stoned to tune my guitar by ear and I had no tuner. This is the first show that I thought we really ripped everyone a new one. It was over in about ten red hot minutes. After our set we learned that some nut-job had just set off a bomb in Atlanta during some Olympic ceremonies or some such nonsense.

With Burn the Priest. Whoops, Team Satan really fucked this one up by getting too drunk and making fools out of ourselves in front of the band that would become Lamb of God. Mark Morton wasn't in the band yet, but he was in the audience. He was not amused. Afterwards, Wing and I tried to wipe the memories away with a bottle of tequila and you know what? It worked. Actually, it must not have because obviously I still remember.

Again with the mighty New Rob Robbies. This might have been the "Around the Monkey Festival," not sure (Wing's answer to Wicker Park's annual "Around the Coyote Art Festival"). We did ok. Didn't pull the crowd we did the first time we played the Cabaret and the owner was keeping track. I went around the bar with the hat at the end of the night because we didn't charge a cover. One table told me that Team Satan made their night but we didn't make a plug nickel.


We played the OFF-White House after the Big Horse show with Lord Of Lightening and Gone Daddy Finch was cancelled due to blizzardy conditions. Gone Daddy Finch never made it out of Ohio and I'm not really sure what Lord of Lightning was about. It might have just been one guy. Anyway, Wing and I spent the afternoon digging out Mark Morton's van so we could get to the show, but it was all for naught. The night before, after a show at Lounge Ax, I stumbled upon Mike Dixon and his friend Keith Blaise in a 4am bar on Ashland where we drank and drank. The combination of the subsequent hangover and the van dig-out the next day caused me to almost pass out during our set, which was short and to the point and if I remember correctly, awesome. It was the kind of show only adversity can create.

Easter Sunday. With Chapstik? Don't remember. Some Texas band, I think it was Chapstik. That one guy, the Chapstik manager, was a nutter. I remember him making a shitload of spaghetti for the band. Don't remember much about the show except that I have a recording of it and it's pretty funny. Wing was in top audience-baiting form that night.

With REO Speedealer, Tedio Boys & I Love Rich. This was in the John Peters era of Team Satan. Lori Kolb had gone back to Richmond but then came back. T-Bux was chasing tail back to Virginy so we brought in Petes. We actually played one show with an all male version of the Team with Petes on bass. That would have been at the Big Horse but I don't remember the when or the who with.

Halloween Show. There's a video of this or otherwise I would have remembered very little. Bad Ronny is given the microphone to substitute his own twisted lyrics or "raps" over classic Team Satan riffs. This theme would continue the following month when the Team would provide backing support for Bad Ronny's "Television Rap Opera".

Backing Band for "Television Rap Opera Part II" by Ronald "Bad Ronny" Simsic. Where to begin with Bad Ronny? Shit. Wing and Kolb were working at Beat Kitchen at this point and that's where they met the white rapper from Detroit; Bad Ronnie. He wrote a rap opera about TV and had three separate performances at the Beat Kitchen where three different bands backed him up. I didn't see the other two because I had to work, but the one Team Satan did was pretty silly and I have video proof of it.

w/ Grand Theft Auto & Fakir. The legendary Spot was crashing at Wing's house during a solo tour, so we brought him along for this BK show.

w/ who? Good question. Pistol Whipped perhaps. Don't remember much about this show except that it wasn't very good. Pop's was kind of a hot mess all around. The owners liked their freakin' booze, that's for sure. I think Pop's eventually burned down.

w/ The Renfields and probably someone else. I can't remember.

This was the musical part of Mike Wing's "Monkeys and Frogs" paint exhibit at Phyllis'. I think we were the only band.


w/ Redneck Exorcist and Neutral Drop. Another Big Horse show. It probably went down something like this: Load out from the practice space in Uptown, drive to Wicker Park, load into Big Horse, drink, play, drink, load out, drive back to Uptown, load into the practice space, drink until the sun comes up, sleep a few hours and go to work. We had that shit down pretty tight.

w/ Candy Snatchers, The Daggers and The Mashers. People bled at this show. Fortunately, it was the Candy Snatchers.

w/ Proletariat Seven and Fakir . See above.

w/ Burn the Priest and Daisy Farm. We get a chance to redeem ourselves for BTP. Did we? Who knows? Got this one on video.

With Redneck Exorcist and judging by the shitty flyer I made for the show (see below) "special guest."

w/ Brenda Kahn, Starless, and Tekluvi. Our last show!!! Or so we thought at time. Features the triumphant return of Todd "T-Bux" Uzel replacing the recently skipped town, John Peters. The original line-up reunites. How special.


w/ Mustache, Speedealer. In an attempt to resuscitate the ailing Team, T-Bux organized this show for Team Satan's death rattle. Truly the end of the band.


Thunder & Lightning Posters by Mike Dixon



Yeah, we're Team Satan
We know what to do
It would take a million motherf*ckers
Just to do all the evil we do

Yeah, we're Team Satan
We got the grades that pass
And if you don't believe it
We're gonna kick your f*ckin' ass right now

Yeah, we're Team Satan
We want in your head
We're on our third cup of coffee when most mother-f*ckers are in bed

Yeah, we're Team Satan
We got the grades that pass
And if you don't believe it
We're gonna kick your f*ckin' ass right now


We're not those kids
Yeah, we're not that kind
And we'd rather tell you to f*ck off
Than give you the time

And we can be cold
And we can turn off
We can be all right
But we'd rather be wrong

We're not those kids
Yeah, we're not that kind
And we'd rather tell you to f*ck off
Than give you the time

We can get our way
Or we can get gone
We can take all f*cking day
But that'd take too f*cking long
So come on!


C'mon on baby let's sin
Let's sin tonight
C'mon baby let's sin
By the candle light
If we ain't sinnin', girl
Then we ain't winnin', girl
So come on, let's sin tonight


Death & Destruction are coming
Baby, it's too late to save your ass
Your savior is too late
And you've chosen the wrong path

Death, he's a mean motherf*cker
And I'm afraid you pissed him off
But when the shit went down
There was no one else around, no

Devil is pleased with me
Devil is pleased with me
He keeps my pockets
Always filled with money

Devil is pleased with me
Devil is pleased with me
I keep his shoes shined
Oh yeah, the Devil is pleased with me

Devil is pissed at me
Devil is pissed at me
But I couldn't kill that man
Way down in New Orleans

Death & Destruction are coming
Baby, it's too late to save your ass
It is much too late to save your ass

(Team Satan)



Mama said not to listen to devil rock (8x)

But I'm here to tell you, sisters

Mama is a bitch (8x)

Daddy said leave the devil alone (8x)

But I'm here to you, brothers

Daddy drank a lot (8x)

Mama said take off your clothes (8x)

(Team Satan)

S.A.T.A.N. (4x)

Come again
Come again
That's right, come again


Devil Rockers and Boot Knockers
Devil Rockers and Boot Knockers, come on!


There's a fire burning tonight
I can feel it burning bright
There's a fire burning tonight
I can feel it burning bright


(Team Satan)


(Team Satan)

Team Satan lies
Team Satan lies
Team Satan lies
At the Fireside Bowl

Team Satan lies
Team Satan lies
Team Satan lies

Team Satan lies
Team Satan lies
Team Satan lies
You know we do
And you do to


Did you know Satan has a sister?
Satan has a sister and she looks just like me
Did you know Satan has a sister?
Satan has a sister and I think she's me

She will grab your heart and she will rip it out
She will hold your soul and chew while you shout
And she will, will you?

(Team Satan)



You're so apocalyptic
You're so apocalyptic
You're so apocalyptic
The things you say, well they're downright cryptic
And your so apocalyptic, yeah

Never thought I was optimistic
Always thought I was realistic
But I'll be damned if it's that simplistic
But your so apocalyptic, yeah.

(Team Satan)

Ain't gonna be your henchman
We will not do what you say
Ain't gonna be your henchman
We will not do what you say, no way

(Team Satan)

We don't have time for all your silly little predictions
Your predications, they're just fiction
They cause problems in our lives

If you can't see then you need a stronger prescription
You better renew you subscription
You rub us the wrong way all the time

Hey Devil Rocker!
They'll never take the Devil Rock out of you
And if they ever try you know we know what to do
We know you do to

Hey Big Fish!
When yah gonna make that splash?
And what makes you think that splash is gonna last?
You might splash fast

(Team Satan)


(Team Satan)

John! John Peters!
The Man can't keep him down!
John! John Peters!

Sneaky Peters
Sneaky Petes
Sneaky Peters
Sneaky Johnny Peters