Reglar WIglaR music Review Archives


Wooing Daydream Time Machine

Hüsker Dü Savage Young Dü Box Set


Sweet Times Volume 6 Various Artists

Max Hall Abstractithica

The Central Discovery of a Rat

Nathan Xander Blue House


Tyranny is Tyranny Rise of Disaster Capitalism


Ty Segall Twins

Scout Niblett its up to Emma

Parquet Courts Light Up Gold

Lady Lamb the Beekeeper Ripley Pine

Iceage You're Nothing

Howling-Hex Best of

Der Todesking Real Bomb cassette

Cave Threace

Azita Year

Angel Olsen-Half Way Home

39th and the Nortons On Trial


White Hills Frying on this Rock

Vernon Selavy Stressed Desserts Blues

Vermillion Sands 7 inch

Two Bit Dezperados Beat Mark

The Box The Door 7 inch

Strange Hands Dead Flowers

Southside Stranglers Devilled EP

Silver Jews Early Times 90-91

Sic Alps self-titled

Second H. Sam EP

Robyn Hitchcock Chronology

Rhyton self-titled

Rambos Rock and Roll Monsters

Pear Traps Elsewhere EP

Panda Kid Scary Monster Juice

Nathan Xander self-titled

Mermaid Bones End of Days

Lecherous Gaze Bagagazo

Larry O. Dean Throw Lions Christians

Landmark Public House

John Cale Shifty Adventures in Nookie Wood

Hot Lunch self-titled

Hot Lunch Killer Smile 7 inch

Hayward Howkins Hale and Hearty

Fussbudgets Hogwash

Forest Foola Daydreamer

Flesh Panthers Quick and Dirty cassette

Dinero Sheep

Dark Dark Dark Who Needs Who?

Cafeteria Dance Fever Danceology

Black Moth Super Rainbow Cobra Juicy

Band in Heaven Sleazy Dreams EP

Aqua Nebula Oscillator 7 inch


Wooden Shjips West

Wooden Shjips Remixes

Vernon Selavy Apple Seeds

Tom Comerford Archive + Spiral

Three 7 inch from Hozac

Pterodactyl Spills Out

Sentinels Music of the Pleistocene

Mike Mountain Hiding in the Rock

Michael Yonkers and Blind Shake Period

The Mediums Shiny Void Blues

High Llamas Talahomi Way

Heidecker & Wood Starting from Nowhere

Girls Remote View 7" single

Followed by Static Bacon Bear EP

Eternals Approaching Energy Field

Cynics Spinning Wheel Motel

Blasted Diplomats self titled cassette

Birds & Arrows We're Gonna Run

Bad Cop I Can't Slow Down EP

Bachelorette self-titled

Azita Disturbing the Air


World War IX Brown Bagging It

The Mapes World War IX split 7 inch

Rancid Let the Dominos Fall

Kaspar Hauser The Sons

D Rider Mother of Curses


Record Review Roundup


Yo La Tengo I am Not Afraid of You and I Will Kick Your Ass


Switchblade self-titled

Robert-Pollard Relaxation of the Asshole

The Priests Tall Tales

Om Variations on Theme

Mahjongg Raydoncong

Hold Steady Separation Sunday

DMBQ Essential Sounds From Far East

Black Mountain self-titles

BBQ Tie Your Noose