A shamelessly self-promoting column

by Chris Auman, Radish Farmer

September 2020

Radish harvest

Summer's Over

When things shut down, it's the perfect time to dig in and get some shizzle done. That's kinda what this past spring and summer was all about. It wasn't all work around the compound though. Sarah, Snippet, and I did manage a quick trip to Michigan where Lil' Snips took his first-ever swim in that state's namesake lake. We also spent some time in Minnesota visiting friends and family.

In the backyard, my garden grew out of control with fruits and vegetables, mostly zucchini, but also radishes (see photo above).

Some creative projects came to fruition as well. I published a couple of zines through RoosterCow Press and Empire Smalls released two singles. More on that stuff below.

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Used Records and Tapes #1

At long last, Used Records and Tapes #1 is available from RoosterCow Press. UR&T1 is a music review zine written and illustrated by Mike Dixon and myself. Early reviews concur that it is quite entertaining— "hilarious" is the word that has been bandied about. Buy it locally in Chicago at Laurie's Planet of Sound (Lincoln Square), Tone Deaf Records (Portage Park), and Quimby's Bookstore (Bucktown/Wicker Park), and in Barrington, IL at Scratched!

Reglar Wiglar #26

Wait, there's more. Reglar Wiglar #26 is also out and available for purchase through RoosterCow and Quimby's. The theme of this issue is "Best of the Blog" (2005-2020). RW26 celebrates 15 years of relative stupidity with all manner of funny lists, reviews, and parodies including an "interview" with Lady GooGoo, record reviews, and fun with band names.

Empire Smalls

As I previously mentioned, Empire Smalls released three singles since spring. "Airborne, Airborne" was our first legit attempt using GarageBand and everything was recorded in separate locations. "Half Price Gas" is Mike’s Dixon's end-of-the-road tune which was recorded in a similar fashion. And "Benjo Snippet Rides Again" is a lullaby for a puppy. For more info and links visit RoosterCow Records.

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