A shamelessly self-promoting column

by Chris Auman, Poop Scooper

January 2021

Snippet the Whippet

2020 Is Over

2020 was something else, eh? I won’t get into it because much of the same problems continue. Even though many of us we’re stuck inside for most of the year, or maybe because of that, it was a time for a lot of creative projects. So, as the subtitle of this column so accurately proclaims, here are some shamelessly self-promoting tidbits for you all to enjoy. You're welcome!

Used Records and Tapes #1Reglar Wiglar #25

In 2020, Mike Dixon and I finally got our review zine finished. Used Records & Tapes #1 is available locally in Chicago and there is a very limited amount still available from RoosterCow Press.

2020 also saw the publication of Reglar Wiglar #26. This was the "Best of the Blog" issue documenting 15 years of random and assorted absurdity from the Reglar Wiglar Blog.

Musically, Empire Smalls kept busy with the release of three remotely recorded singles. Learning to record in our new basement practice space has been a challenge but we’re getting better at it. We hope to have a full-length record done in the not-too-distant future.

Empire Smalls - Airborne Airborne single Empire Smalls - Half Price Gas single Empire Smalls - Benjo Snippet Rides Again single

But wait, there's more! 2020 also saw the publication of Snakes #2 and a refresh to Gray Flag #1. So, 2020 was not a complete wash. And the work continues!

On the Front Burner

But enough about 2020, the new year has arrived. Here's what's next. First, January will see the publication of Snakes #3 which is slithering close to the "finished" line. It's a continuation of my mini comic that follows the conversations of two reptilian besties (beasties?).

Gray Flag #2 will follow in February. This issue is a part two of the journal-themed issue that preceded it.


2021 marks the 20th Anniversary of RoosterCow Records. Maybe I’ll finally finish setting up that RoosterCow Soundcloud page...

RoosterCow Records

See, I told you this was a shameless column of self-promotion. Hopefully, I will have some other zines, books, and/or music to promote this year. If you want to trade or have something you think is plug-worthy, get in touch.

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