The Woodrows Run, Woodrow, Run

Run, Woodrow, Run!

(RoosterCow) 1980

Run, Woodrow, run! That's good advice if you're a Woodrow. This is the debut album from the world's most notorious punk rock band. Before the fame and worldwide, whirlwind tours, it all started in a garage in Antigo, Wisconsin.

While early recordings would eventually be discovered, Run, Woodrow, Run, was long thought to be the first recording of this seminal band.

They don't make 'em like this any more and heaven help us if they did. Running time is only ten minutes but that's more than enough time for 30 raunchy Woodrows gems.

This LP contains classic Woodrows tunes, like, "Piss Pants," "Ricky's Got a Boner," "Naked Twister," "Firecracker," "Zonked Out!" "Bum Rap (Revisited)," and the all time great ode to freedom, "Just Got Out of Jail and I Feel Like Gettin' F'd Up" plus 23 more! 


The Woodrows  Shit or Get Off the Pot

Shit or Get off the Pot!

(RoosterCow) 1980 

That's the Woodows' way of saying "put up or shut up," which is exactly what our boys do on this 15 minute blast of pure punk rock energy. There's no such thing as a sophomore slump when you're talking about the most prolific punk band in the history of recorded music. This firecraker second offering in the Woodrow's cataloge features early Woodrow classics like "Weed Bag," "Purple Nurple" and the blistering "Charlie Nutsack."

The record also contains a first for the Frightning Four, a romantic ballad that's guaranteed to bring a tear to the eye of even the crustiest of punks: "(Sorry, Baby) Too Stoned to Bone."

The Woodrows  Snake in the Grass

Snake in the Grass

(RoosterCow) 1980

Trust me, you don't wanna be hangin' out in the Woodrows' backyard! Snake in the Grass is twenty-five fantastic tunes by the Fearsome Foursome, including the awesome title track. Raunchy Woodrows classics like "Mowin' Your Lawn, Trimmin' Your Bush," "Ho in the Garden," and "Fetchin' Wood," will be sure to offend everyone of your neighbors as if they lived next store to the boyz themselves.

The Woodrows  Swim, Woodrow, Swim

Swim, Woodrow, Swim!

(RoosterCow) 1980

When you run out of dry land, you gotta swim, Woodrow, swim! This second installment in the Run series got Woodrows fans running to the record store for a copy of this classic full-length.

Contains sixteen explosive songs of desperation like "Backs to the Wall," "Fight or Flee," "Never Goin' Down" so many more. So many more.

The Woodrows  Toby's Got a Toothache

Toby's Got a Toothache

(RoosterCow) 1980 

Toby's got a toothache and man do it hurt! You ever get one of those really naaaasty toothaches? Imagine if you had teeth like that bucktooth muther effer! Yowza!

Thirty-six killer tracks make this one of the most painful Woodrows records to date. Features the tracks, "Novacaine/Cocaine," "Tooth on a String," "Larry, the Tooth Fairy," "Dental Damn!" and many, many more!  Too many more!

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The Woodrows Discography
Run, Woodrow, Run (RoosterCow) 1980
Shit or Get off the Pot (RoosterCow) 1980
Snake in the Grass (RoosterCow) 1980
Swim, Woodrow, Swim (RoosterCow) 1980
Toby's Got A Toothache (RoosterCow) 1980
Rock &' Roll Jism (RoosterCow) 1980
Beer Goggles (RoosterCow) 1980
What the F*ck Did I Do Last Night? (RoosterCow) 1980
Ganja Stomp (RoosterCow) 1980
Tar Eater (RoosterCow) 1980
Woodrows II (RoosterCow) 1980
Woodrow Beach (Woodrow Hill) 1981
Beer, Brats & Broads (Live) (Woodrow Hill) 1981
Drunk (Woodrow Hill) 1981
Acid Days (Woodrow Hill) 1981
All Hopped Up on Goofballs (Woodrow Hill) 1981
Prom Night (Woodrow Hill) 1981
Momma Din't Raise No Fool (Woodrow Hill) 1981
Pumped (Woodrow Hill) 1981
Duality Double LP (Woodrow Hill) 1981
Naked (Woodrow Hill) 1981
Crunch Time (Woodrow Hill) 1981
Beer, Brats & Broads II (Woodrow Hill) 1982
Bread and Water (Really Rad) 1982
Grab Ass: The Ballads (RoosterCow) 1982
Woodrows Germs! (Woodrow Hill) 1982
All F'd Up (Really Rad) 1982
Stoned (Woodrow Hill) 1982
Drunk Tank (Woodrow Hill) 1982
Woodrowphenia (Woodrow Hill) 1982
The Woodrows Do Disney (Woodrow Hill) 1982
Just Say Yes (Woodrow Hill) 1982
In Trouble Again (Woodrow Hill) 1982
Punk's Not Dead (It Was Just in Rehab) (Woodrow Hill) 1982
The Metal Years 1982-1983 (Metalli-Sized) 1983
Allegiance (Really Rad) 1983
All F'd Up & Naked (Really Rad) 1983
Toby's Got a Boner (Woodrow Hill) 1984
Beer, Brats & Broads III (Woodrow Hill) 1984
Did the Crime, Fuck the Time (Woodrow Hill) 1984
Crime Doesn't Pay; PSA State of Wisconsin Correctional Facilities Recording Studios) 1984
Underage Drinking is Against the Law and You Will Be Prosecuted; PSA State of Wisconsin Correctional Facilities Recording Studios) 1984
Just Say No to Drugs (Like We Should Have); PSA State of Wisconsin Correctional Facilities Recording Studios) 1984
Drunk, Broke, Naked & Free (RoosterCow) 1984
Stick Fight (Woodrow Hill) 1984
You're Dead, Woodrow (Woodrow Hill) 1984
Psycho Woodrow Zombies from Hell (Woodrow Hill) 1984
Woodrows in Love (Woodrow Hill) 1984
Weed Stealers (Woodrow Hill) 1985
Dead Drunk & Naked (Woodrow Hill) 1985
Sellin' Out Ain't Easy (Woodrow Hill) 1985
We're Not As Think As You Stoned We Are (RoosterCow) 1985
We Don't Have a Drinking Problem: We Drink, We Get Drunk, We Fall Down, No Problem (RoosterCow) 1985
Cat in a Bag (Woodrow Hill) 1985
Off to County, Boys (Woodrow Hill) 1985
Jail Sucks (Woodrow Hill) 1985
The Woodrows, MotherScratcher Live (Really Rad) 1985
Death to Glam Rock Posers (Woodrow Hill) 1985
Heavy on the Funk (Furball) 1986
Dead on Funk (Furball) 1986
Ain't Funkin' Around (Furball) 1986
Funk it Up (Furball) 1986
Fuck Funk, Funk Sucks (Woodrow Hill) 1987
The Woodrows Greatest Hits Vol I (Woodrow Hill) 1987
The Woodrows Greatest Hits Vol II (Woodrow Hill) 1988
The Woodrows Greatest Hits Vol III (Woodrow Hill) 1988
The Woodrows Greatest Hits Vol IV (Woodrow Hill) 1989
The Woodrows Greatest Hits Vol V (Woodrow Hill) 1990
The Woodrows Greatest Hits Vol VI (Woodrow Hill) 1990
The Woodrows Greatest Hits Vol VII (Woodrow Hill) 1991
The Woodrows Greatest Hits Vol VIII (Woodrow Hill) 1991
The Woodrows Greatest Hits Vol IX (Woodrow Hill) 1992
The Woodrows Greatest Hits Vol X (Woodrow Hill) 1992
Raised on Ritilin (RoosterCow) 1987
Get Us Out of Jail Free (RoosterCow) 1987
We Need Money (RoosterCow) 1987
Probation Schmobation (Woodrow Hill) 1987
We've Come for Your Pets (Woodrow Hill) 1987
Rok All Night (Metalli-Sized) 1987
We've Fallen . . . And We Can't Get Up (Woodrow Hill) 1987
Hey Woodrow! (Woodrow Hill) 1987
Rub-a-dub-dub, Four Woodrows in a Tub (Woodrow Hill) 1987
Woodrows Germs! (Woodrow Hill) 1987
Christ is Lord (Woodrow Hill) 1988
Church of the Woodrows (Woodrow Hill) 1989
Devil Music and Cheap Gin (Woodrow Hill) 1989
Beer is a Buck but the Acid is Free (Live) (Woodrow Hill) 1989
You Can Touch This (Woodrow Hill) 1990
Let's Do Lunch (Woodrow Hill) 1990
Blow Us (Woodrow Hill) 1990
Alternative Muzak (Woodrow Hill) 1990
Grunge's Been Good to Us (Sub Pop) 1990
10 Year Bender (Ain't Gonna Stop) (Woodrow Hill) 1990
Seven Inches of Love 7" EP (Woodrow Hill) 1991
Color Me Horny (Really Rad) 1991
Road Drinkin' (Woodrow Hill) 1992
Grin and Bear it (Woodrow Hill) 1993
"Everythings All Right" b/w "Rock Tonight" 7" (Woodrow Hill) 1992
Jail Ain't Shit (Woodrow Hill) 1993
Ska Ska Ska! (Ska Records) 1993
Skatin' Skank & Ska (Ska Records) 1993
Rude Dude (Ska Records) 1993
Ska is our Business . . . And Business is Good (Ska Records) 1993
The Almighty Ska (Ska Records) 1993
Fuck Ska, Ska Sucks (Woodrow Hill) 1993
You Might Think We're Sexy but All We Want is You (Woodrow Hill) 1993
Meatloaf on the Brain (Woodrow Hill) 1994
You Got My Pants, Man? (Woodrow Hill) 1994
Drunk if We Do, Drunk if We Don't (Woodrow Hill) 1994
Misdemeanor THIS (Really Rad) 1994
Cops Suck (RoosterCow) 1994
Hangover Helpers (RoosterCow) 1994
"I Voted for Clinton" b/w "Fuck the G.O.P." split 7" w/MotherScratcher (Woodrow Hill) 1994
Lights Out (Live '95) (Woodrow Hill) 1995
Fried Bologna Box Set (Woodrow Hill) 1995
Drunk as Shit Box Set (Woodrow Hill) 1995
Super Atomic Pelvic Thrusters (Woodrow Hill) 1995
Ganja Stomp Box Set (Woodrow Hill) 1995
This One's for G.G. (Woodrow Hill) 1995
Grunge's Not Dead (It Was Just in Rehab) (Woodrow Hill) 1995
The Woodrows Anthology Vol. I (Woodrow Hill) 1990
The Woodrows Anthology Vol. II (Woodrow Hill) 1990
The Woodrows Anthology Vol. III (Woodrow Hill) 1991
The Woodrows Anthology Vol. IIII (Woodrow Hill) 1991
The Woodrows Anthology Vol. IIIII (Woodrow Hill) 1992
The Woodrows Anthology Vol. IIIIII (Woodrow Hill) 1992
The Woodrows Anthology Vol. IIIIIII (Woodrow Hill) 1993
The Woodrows Anthology Vol. IIIIIIII (Woodrow Hill) 1993
The Woodrows Anthology Vol. IIIIIIIII (Woodrow Hill) 1994
The Woodrows Anthology Vol. IIIIIIIIII (Woodrow Hill) 1994
Leave it to Marvy to Eat a Beaver (Woodrow Hill) 1996
Ripped (RoosterCow) 1996
Courtesy Patrol (Woodrow Hill) 1997
In the Bag (Woodrow Hill) 1997
Sweet, Sweet Redneck Hillbilly Music (OFF-White) 1997
Woodrows 2,000 (Woodrow Hill) 1997
Road Loadin' 1 (Woodrow Hill) 1997
Road Loadin' 2 (Woodrow Hill) 1997
Momma Weren't No Whore (Woodrow Hill) 1998
Woodrow Dance Party Fever Vol. 1 (Remixes) (Globule) 1998
Count Down to the Apocalypse (Everybody Dance) (Globule) 1998
Do the Woodrow (Globule) 1998
Tonight We're Going to Party Like It's... (Woodrow Hill) 1999
New World Apocalypse (Woodrow Hill) 1999
Christ Will Rise Again (Woodrow Hill) 1999
"Cash Money" single featuring Cam'Ron (Cash Money Records) 1999
"$$$" single featuring Nelly (Cash Money Records) 1999
"Bong Song" single featuring Sisqo (Cash Money Records) 1999
21st Century Woodrow Man (Woodrow Hill) 2000
This Century is Pretty Boring So Far (Woodrow Hill) 2000
Fuck Bush Gore Won (Woodrow Hill) 2000
2001 A Woodrow Space Oddity (Woodrow Hill) 2001
Bush Sucks! (Woodrow Hill) 2001
There's Nothing that Could Happen That Would Make us Support Bush (Woodrow Hill) 2001
Let's All Support Our President PSA (Woodrow Hill) 2001
"Boot Up Your Ass" single with Toby Keith (Red, White & Blüe) 2001
"Your Body is a Wonderland for Me to Poop On" single w/John Mayer and Triumph the Insult Comic Dog (Woodrow Hill) 2002
Iraq 'n' Roll (Woodrow Hill) 2003
We're Comin' After You, Saddam! (Woodrow Hill) 2003
Stop the War! (Woodrow Hill) 2004
The War is Wrong and It Needs to End NOW! (Woodrow Hill) 2004
Gimme a Piece (of Peace) (Woodrow Hill) 2004
Obama For President (Woodrow Hill) 2008
Obama is Destroying this Country (Woodrow Hill) 2009
Brother, Can You Spare a Dimebag? (Woodrow Hill) 2010
Tea Bag Me (Woodrow Hill) 2010
Taxatin' without Representin' (Woodrow Hill) 2010
Yes, That Is a Banana in My Pocket But I’m Also Happy to See You ... (And I Have an Erection As Well) (Woodrow Hill) 2010