Chris Auman was born in Galena, Illinois in 1970. He sees himself as one of those writer/artist/musician types, but others see him as more of a third-rate hustler and professional hack. He lives in the Portage Park neighborhood of Chicago, Illinois.

Auman has published several zines and comic books, most notably the Reglar Wiglar (est. 1993). His writings and comics have appeared in various newspapers, magazines and zines.

He has fronted several obscure rock bands over the years (Team Satan, Reagan National Crash Diet, Soft Targets, Empire Smalls). He refers to these as 'underground' bands which many people understand to be a euphemism for 'failed'. This is incorrect.

Auman also runs the sporadic and erratic record label RoosterCow Records & Press.

He is considered armed (two arms), but not that dangerous.

Auman also enjoys writing about himself in the third person. He thinks it's hilarious. He could do it all day if he had to.

He is also very smart and good looking.


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