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The Reglar Wiglar is both a printed zine and digital publication in operation since 1993. Learn more here.

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Read an interview with Gnartoons Dude

James the Stanton

Comics artist James the Stanton

Read an interview with the duo behind Baltimore's mellow

Smoke Bellow

Smoke Bellow

Read an interview with Cola Pop Creemees creator,

Desmond Reed

Cola Pop Creemees by Desmond Reed

Read an interview with the creators behind the quarterly comic book, Santos Sisters,

Greg & Fake w/Mark K.

Greg & Fake of Santos Sisters

Read an interview with artist, Acid Nun creator, and horror afficianado,

Corinne Halbert

Acid Nun - Corinne Halbert

Read an interview with Chicago singer/songwriter and filmmaker,

Thomas Comerford

Thomas Comerford

Read an interview with punk comic strip workhorse,

Ben Snakepit!

Ben Snakepit

Read an interview with real live zine action hero,

Liz Mason!

Liz Mason, Caboose zine

Reglar Wiglar #29 zine is available for purchase in the RoosterCow Store.

Reglar Wiglar #29

Reprints of Reglar Wiglar #22-24 are now available from the RoosterCow Store.

Visit the Archives

For content from the past 30 years, including interviews, articles, parodies, record reviews, and all manner of assorted nonsense, visit The Archives.

Reglar Wiglar #27 cover Reglar Wiglar #28 cover Reglar Wiglar #29

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