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[1] According to the ever-informative internet, the Australian label Illustrious Artists may or may not be soon releasing Twins of Evil: The Songs of Greg and Jack Oblivian, which will collect tunes from both guys, various musical manifestations.

[2] This era has been documented on the excellent Gamblin, Days Are Over CD

[3] The three members also adopted, in true punk fashion, a common surname, and to this day are individually best known as Greg Oblivian, Jack Oblivian, and Eric Oblivian.

[4] Since they were only around for 4 years, and given the decidedly primitive aesthetic, there's not a whole lot of artistic development, across the Oblivians catalog, but trust me It's all fantastic. My favorite is Popular Favorites, but the posthumous odds & ends collection Best of the Worst may be easier to find, and is great as well.

[5] 2001's I'm Not Your Soldier Anymore. It was released, like so many good records these days, by In the Red.

[6] Greg Roberson's L.A. days have been preserved on celluloid in his portrayal of the d.j. in the strip club in The People vs. Larry Flynt, and on the soundtrack of the Ben Affleck vehicle Going All the Way. Greg put together an excellent selection of early rock and roll to play behind, judging from the box at the video store, looks like a mediocre movie.

[7] I've always wondered why the Oblivians name was spelled as it is (the dictionary would tell you It's supposed to be spelt with two o,s and no a,). I forgot to ask Greg when I interviewed him. If anyone knows, write me c/o this magazine.

[8] A good, but monumentally over-rated Beach Boys album.

[9] To hear the Break Up, Break Down CD the right, way, program the tracks in this order: 11, 2, 6, 7, 1, 9, 3, 10, 5, 8, 4.

[10] Greg wants no part of it: "They've all sniffed around, but I'm glad no major label has ever offered me anything worth looking at.

[11] Little Steven and a few corporate sponsors mounted a nationwide search for the next great garage rock band this past summer. The radio ads actually promised "Dunkin, Donuts is going to save rock and roll!

[12] The Hives often cover the Compulsive Gamblers "Stop and Think It Over live.

[13] The Reinging Sound played a live set on Mike Lupica,s WFMU radio show on October 3, 2002. You can hear the four-piece lineup's take on a few numbers that eventually made it to Too Much Guitar here (insert link). More recently, the current line-up appeared on the awesome Cherry Blossom Clinic with Terre T. Go here (insert link).

[14] The store is now called Goner Records, and their website ( is a great place to go for all manner of exotic trash music.

[15] I asked Greg, how he juggles the responsibilities of fatherhood (he's got three kids) with his rock and roll duties. "Very difficultly. Kids require a lot of attention and a lot of love. They need you to be around as much as you possibly can, and they need guidance. The main thing is I can't tour nearly as much as I would like to or as much as other people would like me to. And that's the biggest ball of wax.

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