Used Records & Tapes #1 Used Records & Tapes #2 Used Records & Tapes #3

Three issues of Used Records & Tapes have been brought forth into the world so far. This is a fun project by Mike Dixon, myself and whoever we can coerce and cajole into writing about used records, tapes, and CDs. Each review features a hand-drawn album cover by either Dixon or myself. Plus comics!

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Forgotten Music Masters

If you’ve never of heard of folk singer Seedy Jeffries or Country Music stars Joe John Buck, Jr., or Wilma Tilly, this book is for you. Forgotten Music Masters in an encyclopedia of overlooked and underappreciated music legends. Painstakingly researched by myself Auman and Deron Grams.

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Book of City Skylines

The companion to my book of maps (see below), Cities is a 28-page, full-color book featuring a skylines of some of the most beautiful cities in the world, but not this world.

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Book of Maps

This is a zine, or maybe it's a comic — whatever it's called, it's about maps. OK, it's an atlas! It's called Maps and it's a 24 page, full-color book featuring a series of maps I drew for a mysterious continent on a planet I've never heard of.

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Reglar Wiglar #27 Reglar Wiglar #28 Reglar Wiglar #29

The Reglar Wiglar is a zine I've published since 1993. That's 30 years and I've almost gotten to 30 issues. While the format has changed over the years, the humor, satire, and snark remain.

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Somewhere between anarchy and surrender the gray flag waves. Gray Flag features journal entries and drawings collected from notebooks I kept as a 20-something college student in the early 1990s.

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Reglar Wiglar #22 Reglar Wiglar #23 Reglar Wiglar #24 Reglar Wiglar #25

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