Reglar Wiglar #26

Issue #26 of my long-running zine, Reglar Wiglar, is available now from RoosterCow Press (in Chicago you'll find it at Quimby's Bookstore).

This is the "Best of the Blog: 2005-2020" issue and is comprised of humorous lists, parodies, and plenty of cheeky satire. It's a 40-pages hootenanny wrapped in a full-color cover.


Used Records & Tapes #1

Mike Dixon and I made this here publication we call Used Records & Tapes. It's intended to be a funny, nostalgic look at records of decade's past. Part illustrated review zine, part perzine, it injects a little fun into what is often a very pretentious (and boring) format.

Also available through RoosterCow and in Chicago from Quimby's, Lauries' Planet of Sound, and Tone Deaf Records.

Gray Flag #1

Somewhere between anarchy and surrender the Gray Flag waves. Issue number one consists of journal entries I wrote whilst enrolled in Columbia College's writing program in the very early 90s. The limited first edition is out of print, but I'll be doing another run in conjunction with the publication of Gray Flag II this winter (2021).

Old Joe This parody of the man vs. nature conflict and rite of passage themes in literature tells the mini-epic tale of a young boy's journey to manhood as he hunts the elusive (and pesky), Old Joe.

Reglar Wiglar issues #22-25 are still available from RoosterCow Press.

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