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Sexy Cassetty

As you may have noticed, the Reglar Wiglar site is temporarly closed for repairs.

Over the years the site has grown to include hundreds of pages that are now bloated with old code and littered with broken links. I hope to trim the whole thing down to a more manageable level. It will be back up soon.

Soonish, anyway.

Due to the recent shutdown, Empire Smalls was forced to shelter in place for the past several months. That didn't stop us from recording remotely. Check out our two new singles on Bandcamp.

Airborne, Airborne

Empire Smalls Airborne, Airborne single

Half Price Gas

Empire Smalls Half Price Gas single

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Cassetty the Cassette Pet

Mike Dixon and I put our heads together to create the most amazing review zine ever.

Where most music websites and publications review the work of emerging new talent, we went the other way in a zine we're calling Used Records & Tapes.

Buy the debut issue from RoosterCow Press today!

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