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Reglar Wiglar


Interview by Joey T. Germ

Published in RW #18, 2002

Reglar Wiglar 18

Whether you love him or hate him, think he's a genius or a loud mouth lunatic, Norbert Nelson isn't going anywhere. His white boy, bad boy antics have sold millions of records worldwide and his popularity sees no sign of abating any time soon. Joey Germ finds out what makes Enenen, and his alter ego, Slick Brady, tick.

RW: Enenen, nice to finally meet the man behind the music.

NNN: Yo, wassup?

RW: You're quite the controversial character in popular culture at the moment. Why is that?

NNN: 'Cause parents, politicians and the press don't know shit.

RW: Explain.

NNN: They don't know what else to write about so they focus on little shit and make it into a big pile of shit. Like the Britney Spears bullshit.

RW: Are you referring to your recent interview with Yo! Magazine where you referred to Britney Spears as a ho?

NNN: No, that's where they're wrong and you're wrong. I never called her a ho.

RW: But I have it right here in black and white. Yo! Magazine asks, "Enenen, what do you think of Britney Spears?" and you answer—and I quote—"Britney Spears is a ho and you can quote me on that."

NNN: That's incorrect information.

RW: Where'd they get that then?

NNN: Slick Brady called Britney a ho, in point of fact, Slick Brady called her a skanky ho.

RW: So when you call Britney Spears a ho—

NNN: I didn't call Britney Spears a ho.

RW: Slick Brady did?

NNN: Exactly. Slick Brady was dissin' Britney, Norbert Nelson stays out of that shit.

RW: And that stuff about your mother, where you call her a bitch and threaten to cut her up into "tiny little pieces, smaller than mieces".

NNN: Slick was sayin' that shit, talkin' about how he was gonna stuff her in a trunk and shit.

RW: Was he talking about your mother or his mother?

NNN: I don't know, man. I got nuthin' to do wit' that dude. He's trippin'.

RW: Yeah, but you're Slick Brady, right?

NNN: Yeah, ain't that fucked up?

RW: You let him talk about your mother like that?

NNN: I know, I know. It ain't right, but I can't control what Slick says.

RW: It would seem like you're just dumping off all responsibility for everything that comes out of your mouth by attributing it to a fictional character.

NNN: Basically, it seems like that, yeah.

RW: Who called Moby a fag?

NNN: Um, actually, that was me. My bad.

RW: So you think he's gay and so what if he is?

NNN: Bein' gay has nuthin' to do with bein' a fag.

RW: It doesn't?

NNN: Hell no. I don't mind gays so much, I just don't like fags. You can be gay and not be a fag, just like you don't have to be gay to be a fag. Besides Moby is more of a little bitch girl anyway.

RW: I see your logic . . . I think.

NNN: Next question.

RW: What makes Enenen tick?

NNN: My little girl. My little girl is the most important thing in my life. She's the bomb.

RW: Moby's a little girl but you don't like him?

NNN: Hey, let's stop talkin' about that bitch. He's worse than that puppet dog that was messin' with me at the music awards.

RW: Sorry. What's next for Enenen?

NNN: I got a new jam comin' out soon. Look for my new record, Enenenema out this spring. I really flush it out of my system on this one. It's my best record since The Colonic. I'm out.

Reglar Wiglar

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