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An Interview with Ft. Collins CO band


by Chris Auman

Published June 29, 2010

Dinero band live

Well heck, I've known Mike Wing for what? Fifteen years? Something like that. Wing and I met when we worked this veggie kitchen job in Chicago back in the day. We also played in a Team Satan together (with his now wife of ten plus years, Lori Kölb) and we've definitely drank a few hundred beers and listened to a few Thin Lizzy records together at Club Winthrop in Uptown. I even roadied for his band Booker Noe once on a trip from Chicago to Denver via Kansas City, after which it took about two weeks to expunge the whisky from my liver.

Wing has been in countless bands since he was a teenager in Maumee, Ohio, including a long stint in the Chicago via Bowling Green trio, Vambo Marble Eye. And even though he has got to be well into his eighties by now, he is still out there writing, recording and performing rock and roll music, and for that the Reglar Wiglar salutes him.

So without further adieu, from the same great state that gave us Balloon Boy and delicious Coors Light beer, ladies and gentlemen, Mike Wing and Colorado's own, Dinero!

Dinero logo

What is the best part of being in Dinero?

At my age, and with my personality type, I am lucky to find anyone who wants to join me on stage for anything.

Speaking of being old, I've seen some Dinero live photos and you appear to be seated in all of them. Is this a new style of rock and roll that I'm not hip to—where you sit down to play your instrument? Drummers excluded, of course.

Yes, it's new.

What is the worst part of being in Dinero?

The name calling.

What happens at a typical Dinero band practice?

It's kind of like Eric Massa with his Navy buddies; tickle fights, snorkeling, tomfoolery.

What happens at a typical Dinero show?

Drinking, heckling, tomfoolery.

What’s your best and/or worst story from the road or live show-type event?

One time when I was playing a gig with Booker Noe, I was setting up my gear before a set in front of a capacity crowd at a local theater, when a friend yelled above the house music and in front of everyone; "Nice haircut FAG!" I was so embarrassed because I am not a gay.

I would have thought for sure that it would have been that time when
you peed your pants on stage. Correct me if I'm wrong, but you did pee
your pants during a show once, no?

A couple of times... it was pretty bad. But not as bad as say, Hurricane Katrina.

How would you describe your musical journey from Ohio to Colorado via Chicago?

Kind of like the Lewis and Clark expedition without the help of Sacajawea.

How do you find the Rocky Mountain music scene?

I find it to be a loving mix of jam bands and free-form music.

Where does Dinero fit into that? You are neither jammy nor free-form.
You got your shit down tight, right?

We stick to the script.

What are some other good bands from Ft. C. or surrounding areas that the Reglar Wiglar should have on our radar devices?

Red Hour is great, they sound something like Judas Priest and Mötorhead. Boner is good too, they have sort of a countrypolitan meets Sabbath with a cello sound. Very naughty.

Seeing as how your state borders New Mexico, do you ever have problems with New Mexican bands crossing over into Colorado and stealing your gigs?

New Mexico has a rich musical culture which only adds to our musical landscape. The New Mexican bands can't find gigs in New Mexico so they need to cross into Colorado to play shows and make money to send home to their New Mexican families. We love the music but hate it when Colorado clubs think they can pay them very low guarantees with little to no benefits like drink tickets and food buyouts. It is now getting harder and harder for Colorado bands to get good paying gigs. We try to support the good honest clubs which pay good bands from all over the country a fair price for their performance.

If you could control the future, what would that future hold for Dinero?

Drinking, heckeling, tomfoolery and enough money to stop world hunger.

Can you get us Balloon Boy's autograph?

Dinero is running a campaign to elect his dad as vice President alongside Sara Palin in the 2011 presidential election. So I will ask.

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