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Three Zines by Tomás Moniz

Reviewed by Chris Auman

Rad Dad #18 Tomas Moniz

Rad Dad #18

Tomás Moniz

[Microcosm Publishing]

This issue is my first introduction to Tomás Moniz's Rad Dadzine. Rad Dad represents the perspective of parents who are also anarchists trying to find a balance between those two things. RD#18 is the 'Sex & Love' issue and features short bits from various like-minded contributors who share their parenting stories. Tomas tells of his own efforts in talking to his kids about sex when he discovers that his son had downloaded hardcore pornography to his (Tomas') computer. Dani Burlison shares her aborted plan to bribe her daughter to not kiss a boy until she is eighteen. There are several contributors who share their experiences with open and polyamorous relationships as well as an interview with Chris White, Director of Education at the National Institute of Human Sexuality (SF State University). I've never read a parenting guide quite like this, in fact, I've never read a parenting guide (I'm not a parent), but this one definitely speaks to a very specific audience about a very universal topic.

Rad Dad #19 Tomas Moniz, Ed.

Rad Dad #19

Tomás Moniz, Ed.

[Microcosm Publishing]

Editor and rad dad, Tomas Moniz is back with another issue of his Rad Dad zine. The purpose of Rad Dad is to help guide dads in the raising of their kids. Actually, it's not a guide necessarily, although it does serve that purpose. Tomas's goal is to share stories, thoughts and observations on parenting with like-minded parents who have made their share of mistakes and have learned from them. The contributors are not all dads either, but they are all activists, organizers, musicians and artists. They're definitely to the left politically and the challenges they confront while parenting range from issues like early gender identity ("The Handsome Daughter" by Laura Pretnar) to food activism ("How to Turn Your Kids into Radicals" by John Chapman). There are interviews with activist/writer John Conant and Pittsburgh musician JonJon Cassagnol, as well as several pieces remembering Oscar Grant who was fatally shot by BART cops in Oakland in 2009.

Rad Dad: Dispatches from the Frontiers of Fatherhood

Rad Dad: Dispatches from the Frontiers of Fatherhood

Edited by Tomás Moniz & Jeremy Adam Smith

[Microcosm Publishing]

The Rad Dad book is a greatest hits package of the zine Tomas Moniz has been publishing for going on twenty issues now. It’s written for men who may be struggling with all the complexities of being a father in this or any age. The book is broken up into sections: "Birth, Babies, and Toddlers," "Childhood," "Tweens and Teens," and "Politics of Parenting." The last section of the book features interviews with rad dads like hip hop writer Jeff Chang (Can’t Stop Won’t Stop) and Ian MacKaye (Minor Threat, Fugazi, The Evens, Dischord Records). I am most certainly rad but not a dad, so I haven’t read every article and essay in this book, but some are interesting regardless of your parental status ("Notes From a Sperm Donor" for example). If, however, you have achieved fatherhood and are looking for advice, find comfort in the fact that you can turn to the pages of Rad Dad, now in handy book form.

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