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Flying vee

TEAM SATAN 1995-2000

Team Satan on Bandcamp

For Kim: 666 Devil Rock 3 song cassette
(RoosterCow) 1995

"Devil Made Us Do It" b/w "1996" 7" (OFF-White) 1997

Jr. Wing EP 6 song cassette (RoosterCow) 1997

Team Satan 1996-1998 CD-R (RoosterCow) 1999

Farewell Reunion (Live at Lounge Axe) CD-R (RoosterCow) 1999

“(You’re So) Apocalyptic" 0 to 60 in 73 Bands CD compilation (No!No!) 2000

A Little More Down Digital LP (SFR) 2013


Team Satan - Farwell Reunion Team Satan - 0 to 60 in 73 Bands Comp. Team Satan - 1996-1998 Team Satan - A Little More Down


Listen to RNCD on Bandcamp

Introduction cassette/CD-R (no label) 2000

Administration CD (RoosterCow) 2001

“Burning Under the Sun” b/w “White Man” split 7" with Decibators (RoosterCow/DeciRecs) 2002

Sucktastic! dbl 7" EP (white vinyl)
(RoosterCow/Backward Masking Recordings) 2002

Sucktastic! CD (RoosterCow/Backward Masking Recordings) 2003


RNCD Demo Reagan National Crash Diet - Administration Reagan National Crash Diet - White Man split single Reagan National Crash Diet - Sucktastic!

SOFT TARGETS 2004-2012

Listen to Soft Targets on Bandcamp

“(Let it) Ricochet” b/w “Straight Line” 7” (RoosterCow 2006)

Whatever Happened to Soft Targets? CD EP (RoosterCow 2007)

We Hate You Soft Targets! CD (RoosterCow 2007)

“The Kids Want Action” b/w “Don’t Ask Why” 7” (Loud Devices 2008)

Soft Targets Must be Destroyed! CD (RoosterCow 2008)

Don’t Put Out CD (RoosterCow 2009)

Above the Arctic Circle CD (RoosterCow 2010)

“Zombie Holiday” b/w “Out of My Mind” split 7” with The Mediums (RoosterCow 2011)

The Rise and Fall of Soft Targets cassette (Cassette Pet 2012)

Night After Day After Day digital EP (RoosterCow) 2019

Ghosted digital EP (RoosterCow) 2020


Soft Targets single Whatever Happened to Soft Targets We Hate You Soft Targets Soft Targets Must Be Destroyed! Soft Targets - Don't Put Out Soft Targets - Arctic Circle Soft Targets - Night After Day After Day

EMPIRE SMALLS 2012-present

Listen to Empire Smalls on Bandcamp

Pyramid Wave digital EP (Burning Empire 2014)

Hide the Lightning digital EP (Invisible City 2016)

“Airborne" digital single (RoosterCow 2020)

“Half Price Gas” digital single (RoosterCow 2020)

“Benjo Snippet Rides Again” digital single (RoosterCow 2020)

Send Us Fools vinyl LP & CD (RoosterCow 2022)

Time + Distance digital EP (RoosterCow 2023)


Empire Smalls - Pyramid Wave Empire Smalls - Hide the Lightning Empire Smalls - Airborne, Airborne
Empire Smalls - Half Price Gas Empire Smalls - Benjo Snippet Rides Again
Empire Smalls - Time + Distance EP

Reagan National Crash Diet websiteSoft Targets website Empire Smalls


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