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Prison Pit Book 4


Comic by Johnny Ryan

Reviewed by Chris Auman

Prison Pit number 4 Johnny Ryan

If you think Loady McGee is a little too reserved and Angry Youth Comics are a too vanilla for your tastes, Johnny Ryan’s Prison Pit series might be just what you're looking for in this universe.

This is Ryan’s depraved id unleashed in its purest form: blood, guts, genitalia and fecal matter abound—actually they don’t abound so much as they’re sprayed all over absolutely everything in a fantastical sci-fi orgy of digustedness. Foul creatures stalk and kill each other as they drop F bombs and leap into giant vaginas. Arms are lopped off and things get porked in obscene fashion.

This should be required reading in every elementary school across the nation. I should be locked up in a prison pit just for saying that, especially since I really don’t mean it. I only said it so I could make myself look edgy and sound like I get it, but I don't get it 'cause there's nothin' to get. If you are going to lock me up, however, be sure to lock me up with Johnny Ryan. I got some questions for him.

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