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Henry & Glen Forever & Ever: Completely Ridiculous Edition

by Tom Neely and Friends


Reviewed by Chris Auman

Henry & Glen Forever & Ever: Completely Ridiculous Edition

For those hip to one of the bigger inside jokes in underground comics and music (do inside jokes even exist anymore with the Internet?), it's time for the "Completely Ridiculous" edition of the Henry and Glenn saga. For the uninitiated, the Henry and Glenn Forever and Ever series of comics is based on the ridiculous premise that Henry Rollins—he of Black Flag/punk punditry fame, and Glenn Danzig, of Misfits/Danzig/Samhain renown—are lovers wedded in domestic bliss, as well as neighbors to the satan-worshipping Hall and Oates.

This preposterous concept was conceived in 2005 by Tom Neely and his friends Gin Stevens, Scott Nobles and Levon Jihanian, in what would become the Igloo Tornado collective. The spark of the idea came in a bar where all truly brilliant ideas come from, and it has snowballed albeit slowly ever since. The result has been dozens of comic panels and gags created by a cadre of talented artists. The resulting work is clever at times, funny in most places and absurd always.

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Henry & Glenn Forever & Ever

Given the concept, one may wonder, is it homophobic to pair these two outwardly macho icons in a homosexual relationship just to elicit laughter? Or does the humor lie solely (or mostly) in the unlikeliness of the premise? Well, it could certainly be argued that the concept is juvenile, but maybe the question to ask is, would it be more or less funny if it was Courtney Love and Glenn doing the coupling? Or Joan Jett and Henry? Each has the potential to succeed or fail on its own merit. For me, it’s more about making fun of the hyper masculinity of these two weightlifting aggro performers and their coveted place in in the lore of the 80/90s underground music scene, than any attempt at juvenile humor, but there definitely is that too. Others may arrive at a different conclusion and are certainly welcome to write a click-baitable about it.

One also wonders if the real life Henry and Glenn appreciate this elaborate joke? Henry, yes, Glenn not so much. So far. (Are we surprised?)

This edition features four of the previously published serialized comics plus sixteen pages of new work bound in hardcover and presented by Microcosm Publishing. The foreword, written by Judas Priest frontman (and H&G fan) Rob Halford, is quite appropriately awesome and shows that at least someone in the hard rock/tough guy/bondage gear business has a sense of humor.

Henry & Glen Forever & Ever excerpt

So, if you’ve missed out on the several books, comics and pot holders and fridge magnets (not sure if they exist yet) just start right here with the ridiculous edition and you'll get everything so far. Many different artists contributed to help create this alternate universe and I can only hope that one day this will be developed into an online television series to further our enjoyment and guilty pleasure.

We love these guys together or apart, but let's hope they stay together?

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Henry & Glen Foreve Henry & Glen Forever & Ever

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