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From Lone Mountain

[Drawn & Quarterly]

By John Porcellino

Reviewed by Chris Auman

From Lone Mountain John Porcellino

John Porcellino returns with another King-Cat anthology (2003-2007) full of stories, observations, lists of beloved things, and, of course, the zen-like poetry of his drawings.

As he has done in previous issues of this long-running comic, John captures his feelings of wonder at, and admiration of, nature and the beauty to be found in everyday living. Porcellino takes as much joy as he can squeeze from simple pleasures, but he also wrings out life’s equally present feelings of melancholy, nostalgia and loss. He expresses his disappointment in the frailty of his own body, the pain of losing his father, and relationships that have run their course. He also details his travels: from Illinois to Colorado to California and back again with many road trips in between.

John lives an examined life worth living—in fact, that seems to be his life’s purpose; to document his dreams, relationships with people and animals; his struggles and victories both physical and spiritual, both consequential and trivial. Who can’t relate to that?

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