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Voice of addiction

The Lost Art of Empathy 

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Reviewed by Chris Auman

The Lost Art of Empathy Voice of Addiction

Voice of Addiction has been around for 14 years. Although there have been lineup changes, Ian Tomele has been the one constant member. Through the Bush years, Obama’s sense of Hope and then the surreal nightmare of Trump, Ian has been touring, recording and booking shows through Wrecking Ball Productions.

Voice of Addiction have played over over 1,200 shows across North America. They have five releases under their studded belts and have been a part of the Chicago punk scene for nearly a decade and a half. The Lost Art of Empathy is their latest full-length is a solid effort that is relentless.

V.o.A. is what you would categorize as politically charged and social conscious and deliver that message through musclely punk rock that is at time sing-along anthemic, crunchy distorted guitar. You know the kind that gets the fists pumping and the crowd singing along in beer soaked abandon. from long-established Chicago punk rock band Voice of Addiction. Solid, forceful punk rock for the socially

The band was filmed along with other Chicago punk stalwarts you know doubt have seen over the year (88 Fingers Louie, Pegboy, Local H and Naked Raygun). Director Bradley Pontecore filned the live on an stage and off fun for the upcoming Madness Maker Films documentary “Punk Band,” scheduled for a 2018 release.

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