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New for 2023:

Read an interview with Chicago singer/songwriter and filmmaker, Thomas Comerford.


This drunken post-show interview took place backstage at the Bottom Lounge with Chicago's The Mediums.

Fort Collin's CO band Dinero answered the big money questions in this Q&A.

Star Reporter Carol Bales went figure skating (figuratively) with Coupleskate.

Star Reporter (and recent North Carolina transplant) Carol Bales took a few shots at Birds & Arrows.

Rebecca Sueng interviewed Nashville, Tennessee's garage rock band Bad Cop then whipped up this tasty article for the citizens to enjoy.

Blasted Diplomats and Chris Auman walk into a Bucktown bar. That's the setup to this interview with Chicago's records store clerk supergroup.

I discussed the sweaty music scene in Charm City, of which Dope Body is a proud memeber of.

Tom Hauser, mastermind behind local band Kaspar Hauser, sat down with me for some Persian cuisine and to talk about Cleveland, among many other topics.

T. Bux interviews old friend and fellow Virginian John Campbell of the might metal band Lamb of God.

Gag me with a spoon, Lollygagger may be the funniest heavy band in the Chicago music scene right now and that's no joke!

I focused in on this edgy Chicago rock quartet and bounced a few questions of Radar Eyes.

Reading Rainbow is not just a literary meteorological phenomenon, it's a great band duo too as I found out.

I was sure the Summer Girlfriends were a group of imaginary band from Canada, but boy, was I wrong. They're a Chicago band!

When I heard the the call of Voice of Addiction I just had to answer. Here is my interview with Ian from this great Chicago punk rock band.

Always read Reglar Wiglar


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