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This archive is by no means complete. It simply contains a smattering of interviews, articles, and reviews published in the print version of the Reglar Wiglar. Browse the digital archive too, why doncha'?

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Reglar Wiglar #11 cover Reglar Wiglar #12 cover Reglar Wiglar #14 cover


Once upon a time, a naked-faced P. C. Jones interviewed Chicago's most notorious masked band The Goblins.

Mike Dixon reigned in Tennessee's Reigning Sound and wrote up this nice little foot-noted article for ya'll.

They may not be as cool as Eddie Blazonczyk and the Versatones, but they're Polkaholics, damn it!

Chicago hard rockin', heavy partyin' dudes Decibators sat down for drinks with Star Reporter C. Bales.

RVA's RPG took the Reglar Wiglar to a bar, got him all crunked up, then made him interview them. Nasty dudes!

Ain't no party like a New Rob Robbies party 'cause a New Rob Robbies party don't stop!

Things get horizontal as they are prone to do when talking with reclining Chicago band Lying in States.

For a long, drunken interview that stretched over many hours and several Chicago locations, read this interview with the surf &western band Booker Noe.

Despite the ethereal name, Ether Frolics know how to rock and they know how to hold down their strong German bier too.

It may not be obvious to you, but you are not a Master of the Obvious like M.O.T.O.

Lamb of God won't take away the sins of the world, and they definitely will not have mercy on us when they bring the metal.

Hold on and read Mike Dixon's interview with Craig Finn of The Hold Steady.

Oakland's Fleshies will make your flesh crawl... with excitement!

From a town without mercy, it's Federation X.

Straight outa the 'Nati (that's CincinNati), it's the Fairmount Girls!

Since there's no such thing as a gas-powered Frankenstein, here's Electric Frankenstein instead.

Canada's greatest export since snow, the legendary, prolific, terrific DOA!

Always workin'/tryin'. That's why we love Creepy D.

Star Reporter C. Bales catches Chicago's Peelers in the act.

Things got strange with Tucson, Arizona's Weird Lovemakers.

Reglar Wiglar #15 cover Reglar Wiglar #16 cover Reglar Wiglar #17 cover


Creator of such delightful &memorable characters as Mickey Pimple and Muktuk Wolf'sbreath: Terry Laban

If you don't laugh at Sam Henderson's comics you probably have bananas stuck in your eye sockets.

Since the 1970s, Gary Panter has spread his inimitable alternate-universe visions across the world as a true testament to the power of imagination. He's a really nice guy, too!

Gumpy mastermind Dan Clowes grudgingly agreed to answer some questions from our own Randy McQueen.

The gross-out king, Johnny Ryan shared some of his innermost thoughts and feeling with us.

Peter Bagge may have created HATE comics, but he certainly isn't hateful.

Reglar Wiglar #18 cover Reglar Wiglar #19 cover Reglar Wiglar #20 cover


What do we need to take control? We could use the Rat Patrol.


So, for the first couple of years of the Reglar Wiglar (and a few times after that), I just made up fake bands to interview. You can probably figure out which bands were the intended targets of my cutting satire. Maybe? I hope.

You can love him or hate Enenen, but it's hard not to have an opinion about the world's angriest white rapper.

Now you see them, soon you won't. It's the Brit Pop sensation that is not quite sweeping the nation: Mirage.

Ska was real popular back in the late 90s and nobody did it better than Skatastrophe.

Lady Googoo makes one messy diaper, but also some of the most thought-provoking pop music produced today.

Straight outa Rockford, IL, it's White Bred &Honky M.C.

The White Strokes (interview by Soggy Sprinkles). Yes, THAT The White Strokes.

Lil' Dirty Bastard (interview by Soggy Sprinkles) has got a thing or two to say on the state of the rap game and what he think of the U.S. President.


Burger King—King of all Burgers? That's a whopper of a claim.

McDonald's—I'm lovin' it?

KFC/Taco Bell—Yeah, it's a KFC and a Taco Bell. We don't get it either.

White Castle—You'd think the Burger King would live here, but no.

Hooters—What can we say? It's a hoot!

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